Correcting a Failed Floor in NW Salsa Facility

Installing new flooring is a significant investment for any business, one whose costs can increase exponentially with improper installation or poor product choice. Our client, a Northwest area food processor, found themselves facing these costly repairs when the initial flooring/ an inexperienced contractor installed an epoxy flooring system in their new production facility.

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Operating Room Floor at Seattle VA Hospital

VA Puget Sound Healthcare Updates Operating Room Floors

Flooring is an important aspect in healthcare and hospital environments, and perhaps most critical in operating rooms. When it was time for the VA Puget Sound Health Care facility in Seattle, WA to update the floors in their operating and X-Ray rooms, we were proud to partner with D Square Construction to create cost-effective flooring offering durability, longevity, and safety.

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New Floors Greet Students at Explorer Middle School

Its back-to-school time again, and this year students returning to Explorer Middle School in Everett, Washington will be greeted with brand new locker room floors. The existing floor was well-worn and in need of replacement. Our crew removed the previous epoxy quartz coating, shot blasted the floor, and installed over 3,050 square feet of resinous flooring.


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