Bob Kiel

Engineer / The Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium has used the services of Concrete Restoration for many years and value their knowledge and work regarding restoring concrete. Some examples of work performed at the facility by Concrete Restoration include resurfacing bare concrete, repairing spalls, resurrecting steps, etching service area floors to achieve a non-skid surface, and applying an assortment of coatings.

Paul Carter

Vice President / Wilcox Construction

We recently completed a building for a major web retailer; the original concrete slab was old, cracked, and had a halfway delaminated topping. CRI ground right through it, and finished with a seal and polish. I completely forgot all about the original topping, you cannot tell anything was ever there. The floors look beautiful.

Building Manager

Event Venue / Seattle, WA

Jason was very responsive and communicated clearly from the get-go. The confidence in the assessment and solution for the project were extremely reassuring. I did not feel like anything was over promised and I got the sense that everyone knew what they were doing. The team that worked on the project was diligent and extremely easy to work with; their communication and ability to stick to the plan allowed my team to continue their day to day work with no distractions. CRI did an awesome job!

Noah Nudell

Superintendent / Poe Construction

After dealing with a non-performing floor for 18 months in a high production food grade environment, we contacted Concrete Restoration, Inc. (CRI) to discuss options for replacement. At our first meeting, Shannon Ware explained several different product options for our project and the best method to accomplish both the removal and re-install of the floor while keeping our clients production operation running. We found CRI had the background and experience to complete this complicated, logistically challenging 3 phase project and was the obvious choice for the job. When CRI arrived on the jobsite they were professional and prepared for a successful job. They had specialized equipment to do their job, all necessary hand tools and materials, and even backup tools in case of a breakdown. Everything to complete the job and keep it on schedule. His manpower is another point to note. The foreman had a calm demeanor, was knowledgeable, and brought up items for me to address ahead of time to keep the job running smoothly. They crew worked in the same manner and they all showed pride in their workmanship. Shannon Ware and his crew were professional and knowledgeable from our first meeting to the end of our project. From the initial meeting, through a mock up sample, 3 phase installation, to final clean up, CRI could not have performed better. From my experience on this particular project, and previous issues with non-performance floor coatings and working with inexperienced companies, I will use Concrete Restoration, Inc. for all my future coatings projects. I know they are a “One and done.” This is a cost savings for the general contractor, property manager, and owner.

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