Elysian Brewing – Seattle, WA

For the remodel of Elysian Brewing’s Capitol Hill location in Seattle, WA we partnered with Mallet Construction to create flooring solutions suitable for their different areas and needs. In the brewing and kitchen areas we installed over 3,000 sf of Poly-Crete MDB with a Poly-Crete TF topcoat, and in the upper and lower dining areas we installed aesthetically pleasing, polished concrete floors.


Durability, longevity, and value and primary concerns when choosing a brewery floor. We selected the Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete flooring system for Elysian, a seamless polyurethane mortar system. Polyurethane and urethane mortars are the industry standard for brewery flooring. Made of cementitious concrete coatings made of graded silica and fine fillers, they are known for their strength and resistance.

Brewery floors are frequently exposed to water 90 degrees or more so choosing a system with a high thermal resistance was paramount to ensuring a lasting floor for our client. With a thermal coefficient similar to concrete, this Poly-Crete coating will expand and contract to changes in temperature at a rate similar to the concrete substrate below, preserving their bond. Brewery floors are also regularly subjected to aggressive chemicals like caustic cleaners, mixed acid agents, acid sanitizers, alcohol, sugar, and yeast. While these can slowly destroy a floor, Poly-Crete and other urethane mortars are extremely resistant to chemical attacks. The seamless application ensures additional performance, leaving no spaces or grout lines to harbor bacteria and moisture.

Surface Prep & Installation

Concrete is shotblasted prior to installation of Poly-Crete.

Poly-Crete is installed with a broadcast.


The finished floors will provide years of performance and durability.

Dining Areas

The remodel featured an upper and lower dining area of over 3,600 sf. In those areas we ground the substrate and applied a primer and a coat of Westcoat SC-67 acrylic sealer. The result was a simple industrial aesthetic showcasing the open layout and natural wood accents.

Finished: Durable, beautiful concrete floors.


This project was successful, and the floors will serve Elysian for years to come, allowing them to continue to focus on serving their clients delicious beer and food.